Care For Your Stick

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By coming here you’ve made the first step toward keeping your Gryphon stick in good working condition for as long as possible.

Here are a few basic tips to help you care for your Gryphon stick:

  • Store it in a cool dry place. This allows the stick to dry naturally and remain in good condition for longer. Trying to dry the stick out with heaters can seriously damage the internal lay-up of the stick and may result in poor performance or breakages.
  • After use, wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any debris. Sand can be particularly harmful to the paintwork, so it’s highly recommended to ensure all sand is thoroughly removed.
  • For those of you looking to prolong the artwork of the stick, some form of shaft guard or tape is recommended to reduce chipping and scratching.
  • For larger chips taken out of the stick by ‘hack’ tackles, we recommend using some araldite to fill the gaps.

Our hockey sticks are created to be of the highest performance possible. They are designed to hit hockey balls…. hard. They are not designed to hit rocks, concrete, metal, other sticks or anything else hard.  Doing so may reduce the performance of your stick.

Use our sticks only on certified hockey pitches; any time spent playing on bitumen, sand, concrete or other tough and abrasive surfaces will wear down the fibres much faster. Sand based pitches, whilst reasonably common in hockey, will wear down the sticks much quicker than grass or artificial wet turfs.

We have a manufacturers warranty on all of our composite sticks. Whilst rare, there may occur a fault from the manufacturing process, which results in significant damage to the stick rendering it unusable. These faults are usually found within the first few uses and we’re happy to replace them free of charge.

Just remember, hockey is a tough game. Scratches, chips and natural wear-and-tear are a part of the game. No stick is invincible, so it is inevitable for your stick to get a bit beaten up over time. Focus on the performance of the stick, and don’t be too worried about acquiring these superficial blemishes, it just means you’re playing the sport that we all love!